AI Personality Assessment Test

Are you ready for the AI Revolution?

Take this test to understand your profile and your capacity to adapt to the massive changes coming

Are you a Luddite? A "Nexus Prepper"?

The questionnaire will place you in one of five comprehensive profiles including your style, preferences and ability to adapt to a massively changing AI-infused world.

Nexus Prepper

Innovative and Visionary: NexusPreppers are natural problem-solvers, often ahead of their time. They thrive on innovation and are always on the lookout for new solutions and ideas...

Progressive Integrator

Inquisitive and Energetic: Progressive Integrators are enthusiastic about exploring new ideas and possibilities, particularly in technology.

Tech Pragmatist

Practical and Realistic: Tech Pragmatists approach life in a practical, methodical way. They prefer proven methods and are cautious about adopting new technologies without seeing practical benefits.

Cautious Adopter

Observant and Sensitive: Cautious Adopters are keenly observant of their surroundings and sensitive to the needs of others. They prefer to absorb and process new information before acting.


Loyal and Considerate: Luddites are incredibly loyal and devoted to their values and beliefs. They are considerate and attentive to the needs and feelings of others.

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